One big reason to be a mentor for an entrepreneur in your community

1) Create something big – be part of  our local effort that is going to create business, vitality and fun in our communities. Look at these successful entrepreneurship innovators.

As the chairperson of a newly minted mentor council, I’ve been thinking a lot about this. Does mentorship really work? How does it work best? What kind of structure is most conducive to success?

I am going to speak about our local entrepreneurship mentorship council Wednesday, April 10 at the Sandhills Entrepreneurial Summit and Sandhills Community College.

The Mentor Council is only one of the tools created by the Moore Forward ( initiative to encourage entrepreneurship. Come see the snazzy, affordable co-working space at the handsome renovated “Razooks Building” at 100 Magnolia Road, Suite 2210 in Pinehurst, NC and you will be inspired. Many different efforts will drive innovation such as a program to engage with high schools,  quarterly panel presentations by experts on vital start-up issues, such as getting financing and a braintrust with manifold resources to help get businesses off the ground.

So would you personally want to be a mentor as part of an entrepreneurship effort?

I would love to hear from anyone about their experience with mentorship, as a mentee or a mentor. What worked, what didn’t. Especially as part of an innovation cluster



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